Taylor Seaton

“After seeing Dr. Cunningham, I was advised to undergo a knee surgery to repair my torn meniscus and clean up the damaged cartilage. At first I didn’t want to undergo the procedure, as I was afraid it would hinder my halfpipe training and limit my performance in competition in the upcoming winter season. Dr. Cunningham reassured me that with consistent rehab and dedication to post-surgery recovery I would be back to skiing in no time.

After the surgery I made sure to rest my leg, stay on top of icing it, and keep it elevated. During my follow-up appointment Dr. Cunningham gave me the confidence that recovery was coming well, and the strength of my knee was quickly returning. With follow up physical therapy, he said I would be able to return to skiing by the second competition at the Dew Tour in Breckenridge, Colorado, just six weeks from the surgery.

Fortunately with my hard work at the gym and physical therapy, I ended up strong and ready to compete a week earlier at the first competition, the Grand Prix at Copper Mountain. My knee is currently feeling strong, and I continue working out everyday to improve my strength. I am now confident with my knee’s performance and ready for the next Dew Tour stop in Killington, Vermont in mid-January 2012.”

-Torn Meniscus Knee Surgery