Laura Landre-Girten

“Being an athlete my whole life, I felt pretty lucky that up until now I had not sustained a major injury that required surgery. All that changed in the summer of 2011 when my knee finally gave out playing tennis. I grew up alpine ski racing in the East coast and eventually found myself training and traveling the globe with the US Ski Team. I have not been a stranger to training hard and challenging myself to the limits, so when Dr. Cunningham told me my knee required meniscus surgery, I replied, “…but the thing is, I have a triathlon in 51 days!” Turns out I spent that 51st day in rehab! I was determined to turn my devastation into determination!

My experience with Dr. Cunningham and his staff at Vail Summit Orthopedics far exceeded my expectations. I felt that everyone involved in the process really and truly listened to my needs, fears and goals about the outcome I wanted to achieve. He worked closely with Avalanche Physical Therapy to help me achieve those goals of coming back to the ski world where I currently coach Alpine racing with Team Breck Sports Club and also teach private lessons at Vail Mountain Ski Resort.

Through this process I learned that when you have a full and active life you may take risks and push yourself to limits unknown. Dr. Cunningham is committed to and understands his patients being an athlete himself. He approaches each of his patients individually and carefully. Thank you Dr. Cunningham and the amazing Physical Therapy staff for listening to my needs and your realistic approach to surgery and recovery!”

-Meniscal Repair