Fiver Trimble

“This is Rob Trimble. You probably don’t remember me, but I remember you! On January 3, 2014 I brought my 15 yr old son to Vail Valley Medical Center after having his right quadricep tendon severed in a freak snowboarding accident while my family was on vacation. You happened to be on call that evening, and you were the one who took on the challenge of repairing my boy. I am very thankful that you were “that guy” that evening! It has been a long road, but after a little over a year my son Fiver is almost back to 100% and is playing on the Varsity baseball team this year as a Sophomore. I just wanted to say Thank you again to both you and all the staff there at Vail Valley Med Center who took care of Fiver. My wife and I will not forget the treatment we received from all of you during a very difficult time for us far from home. Here’s a couple of pics that would not have been possible without the care you provided!!”

-Tendon surgery