Dr. Cunningham is a sports medicine specialist with clinical and surgical expertise in knee surgery and shoulder surgery. He is able to repair most problems in the knee or shoulder arthroscopically and performs other minimally invasive surgeries.

In addition to these areas, he also diagnoses and treats many general orthopedic conditions and injuries and recommends conservative treatment for many conditions. He works with a gifted group of physical therapists.

Dr. Cunningham has extensive experience in fracture care and fracture surgery, ligament tears and injuries. As a national leader in orthopedic medicine, Dr. Cunningham integrates orthobiologic regenerative medicine in the forms of platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP) and stem cells into his practice where scientific evidence supports its use.

Our Approach

Every patient is treated as unique when they come to see Dr. Cunningham and members of his team. Patients can expect to become partners in their healthcare. Dr. Cunningham is known for his open communication, collaborative approach and personal attention. He welcomes questions from patients. It is his goal to create a foundation for shared decision-making between himself, the patient and his team.

Your First Visit

In addition to spending time discussing your situation with Dr. Cunningham, a new patient will receive a comprehensive exam using the most advanced imaging technology available. Upon diagnosis, Dr. Cunningham will discuss a treatment approach. If multiple treatment options are available, Dr. Cunningham will take the time to review each option with the patient and collaborate with them to develop an individualized treatment plan.

Our Goal

The goal of orthopedics is to restore function while minimizing possible risks, so that patients can get back to participating in daily activities and enjoying recreational and other interests.

Dr. Cunningham and his team take great pride and enjoyment in helping patients get back to doing what they love to do.