Here are a just a few good reasons to join us in Vail for your orthopedic care and surgery:

  • Center of Excellence: Vail is a well-known orthopedic and sports medicine center for excellence in the U.S. where you will find the most innovative, evidence-based and comprehensive options available.
  • Scenery: Vail is a beautiful, relaxing place to recover in with 300 days of sunshine each year and the stunning Rocky Mountain scenery.
  • Experience: Dr. Cunningham has provided care to many elite athletes who travel to Vail for surgery with him. He enjoys and is experienced in caring for domestic and international patients alike.
  • Team Approach: The “Cunningham Team” of healthcare providers has experience with servicing our out-of-town patients and welcomes the opportunity to be of assistance to you.
  • Convenience: Dr. Cunningham’s team works hard to provide easy scheduling and no lengthy wait times for surgical appointments with him for all patients, including our out-of-town guests.
  • Competitive Pricing: Even though you’ll be receiving your orthopedic surgery in a world-class orthopedic facility and location, your pricing will remain competitive.
  • Amenities: Vail has some of the finest hotels, restaurants, and other world class amenities.

Our Concierge Services

We want to make your experience with us in Vail as comfortable as possible. To that end, we offer the following concierge services:

  • Medical Care: Our staff will help with all aspects of planning your medical care while you are in Vail as well as provide resources for post-operative care for you, as needed.
  • Accommodations: We can help you with hotel options and patient discounts.
  • Transportation: We can help you with taxi, shuttle and limousine resources.
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