Shoulder Arthritis: Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

Shoulder (glenohumeral joint) osteoarthritis is less common than arthritis affecting the knee or hip, which are weight bearing joints. Shoulder arthritis is classified as being either primary or secondary. What Causes Shoulder Arthritis?  Primary arthritis tends to be seen in adults over the age of 60 as a result of “wear and tear.” Patients under… Read more »

Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUPing) Shoulder, Elbow and Back Injury Prevention

Stand up paddle boarding, or SUPing, has exploded in popularity recently, and more and more people in the Vail Valley are getting into it. SUPing can be a wonderful form of exercise that focuses on core and upper body strength, and it’s accessible to everyone from Class IV whitewater adrenaline junkies to those looking for… Read more »

Repeated Shoulder Dislocations Cause Increased Damage to the Shoulder

People who live here in the mountains tend to play hard. Injuries are not uncommon. It is not unusual for me to see young people in my office who have dislocated one or both of their shoulders. When someone dislocates their shoulder for the first time, the initial injury is usually due to a high… Read more »

What is a Physician Assistant (PA) and What Do They Do?

The physician assistant (PA) profession first began in 1965, and has flourished, and growing every year since. Physician assistants are medical professionals trained in general medicine with the option for working and specializing in a specific field. Often, people have a misunderstanding about what exactly we do. A common question we receive is “So are… Read more »

Pectoralis Major Tendon Ruptures

I recently saw a 32 year old male patient in the office who said he was weight lifting when he felt a tearing sensation and had immediate pain and later bruising and swelling in his chest wall and arm pit area. Furthermore, when he flexed his chest musculature, there was an obvious deformity. He had… Read more »

Rotator Cuff Tears

With summer here, patients are out enjoying activities such as golf, paddling on the river, tennis and fly fishing. I often see patients in the office who present with shoulder pain after participating in these sorts of overhead activities. Typically patients do not report a particular injury but just notice that the shoulder pain has… Read more »

Clavicle fractures: What you need to know before you hit the slopes

Mountain biking season may be winding down, but ski and snowboarding season has already begun. Clavicle fractures often result from these high-energy activities. Most commonly, clavicle (collarbone) fractures are a result of a direct blow to the shoulder.  Frequently, a fall over the handlebars of a bike or catching an edge on a snowboard and… Read more »

Shoulder Instability: Bony Bankart Lesions

Shoulder instability can be a frustrating and painful issue to deal with for athletes of all kinds. Often, younger athletes, especially males from age 18-25, or those participating in high-risk activities, are the most susceptible to shoulder subluxations or dislocations. Most commonly, athletes report to us that they fell forcefully on an outstretched hand and… Read more »