Vail Health Nurse Has Excellent Outcome After Partial Knee Replacement and Revision ACL Reconstruction Surgery with Dr. Cunningham

Patient Sunny pictured with her family.  Sunny Carrington-Hahn is the Director of Imaging and Nurse Supervisors at Vail Health Hospital. She has lived in Vail, Colorado with her husband Erik and two children – Samantha and Nicolas – for two years. Prior to that, she grew up in Texas and lived in many other places,… Read more »

What is a Physician Assistant (PA) and What Do They Do?

The physician assistant (PA) profession first began in 1965, and has flourished, and growing every year since. Physician assistants are medical professionals trained in general medicine with the option for working and specializing in a specific field. Often, people have a misunderstanding about what exactly we do. A common question we receive is “So are… Read more »

Patellar Tendonitis

At the end of a long ski season, I see a large number of patients with overuse injuries and conditions. Patellar tendonitis is one such common condition seen in our athletic population. Common sports associated with this condition is skiing, basketball, volleyball,  gymnastics, or sports where there is a lot of jumping and landing. Another term… Read more »

Should I Wear a Knee Brace After ACL Surgery?

This past winter, I saw a large number of ACL tears. Anatomic ACL reconstruction surgery of the knee has been shown to improve knee kinematics, slow the progression of osteoarthritis in the knee, and allow athletes to return to sports without further giving way episodes of the knee. The risk of repeat injury to the… Read more »

I Think I Tore My ACL: Now What?

The town is buzzing with excitement over the recent snowfall here in the Vail Valley! While we wish everyone a safe winter season, with just 52 days until the opening of Vail Mountain, we want our winter enthusiasts to be informed about ACL injury and what to expect if you experience a forceful twisting injury… Read more »

Knee Dislocation: A Rare But Serious Injury

Knee dislocations are a rare but very serious injury. In a knee dislocation, the hinge joint of the knee, made up by the thigh bone (femur) articulating on the shin bone (the tibia) is disrupted. In order for the knee joint to dislocate, at least two major ligaments about the knee must tear and more… Read more »